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Hey #teamroro! It's me again. I know it took awhile for me to add another blog post. I know - you've been waiting. So here it is! 

First, let me start by saying THANK YOU for the continued support. It is appreciated. Your support gives me the strength & balance to keep pushing forward. Like they say #cantstop #wontstop. Anywho...

Let's get into these Whipped Body Butters'. When I say these body butters are addictive, I mean it. The way it melts onto your skin like butter on a hot bagel. Like literally, this is what it does. The scents are out of this world. I decided to create this body butter because of you. On my journey to stardom (smile), I've meet some wonderful people and acquired some supportive customers. I've noticed, when they use my hand butter,  the statement immediately following is " you don't have this scent in a body butter"? So, I thought to myself and said "now Rosita you know you gotta give the people what they want"! So here it is!!!! 


Hope you enjoy this as much as I enjoyed making it for you! 

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