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When I think of the word change, I immediately get this sense of unsettledness. I related  change to pain because I was not happy dealing with uncertainty. I became scared of pain and anything related to this and ultimately believed that if I changed, I would be bringing myself more trouble. 

When I started this business, it was out of a need I found within myself. I wanted to create something bigger than myself while creating a space to help others. I had no idea my next steps and didn’t know at that time, my steps were ordered. I believed deep down in my soul, once these products were created, it would fill the souls of the people who were chosen to use them. I say people who are chosen because my steps are not my own. 

Now I am going on year two of having a website and never could I have imagined what I thought was a little idea, would flourish to something bigger than this initial thought. I let go of the power of pain uncertainty gave me and took the step into making this a reality. I had no idea how to make my brand the way I envisioned it, but I started anyway. 

I’ve changed the visual of my website and jars so many times because I wasn’t afraid to pivot. It was scary to do this but as I gathered information I did not have before, I used what I knew during each time of growth and continued to apply it to my current scheme and WALA! It was the feel of what I needed for each stage of growth until I realized I couldn’t do the job. Sometimes we have to let go. We are unable to do everything and if your vision doesn’t align with your outcome then baby get somebody else to do it.

I’ve learned so much in two years and am amazed that I am still here. I learned and then applied. I see how Jesus slows down my life to give me time to nestle in the pain and growth of it all. He wants me to plant my feet on solid ground. He wants to order my steps so that this will be beneficial to you and me because WE are ONE. 

Now I am at the crossroads. I have given all I could to the warmth I felt and now I have turned it over to someone who could help my vision come to life. I have been working behind the scenes for months and now understand nothing great should be rushed. I am putting the time and energy into bringing something to life that will create magic and pleasure for each individual who chooses to be a part of this journey. 

My customers mean the world to me because you all show me that we are in this together. I grow, you grow. You feel good, I feel good. You smell good, then baby I smell good. This is for the wellness of the spirit. This is for the wellness of the mind. This is for you. This is for me. This is for WE.

Everything is changing for EARTHBYRORO. Advanced magic and improvement necessary for you to trust me with your journey towards healthy skin and a healthier mind. I can’t wait to share with you all that I am working on. But know this, I will be taking you with me all the way. 



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