New you vs. Old you

Peek a boo. I am back.. I know you've missed me but low and behold I was always here! (insert laugh). 

I came up with New you vs Old you because of a feeling I had while praying. It was a surreal moment about the transformation of my mind. Normally as entrepreneurs, there's always a risk factor. We are constantly navigating the unknown. This uncharted territory can be a bit terrifying without faith. To let go of your comfort zone and allow fierceness to steer your decisions should be gratifying right? WRONG! 

I sat there on my couch and realized this new version of myself was desperately fighting with the old version of myself. I continued to think deeper. I began to think who this old me truly was. Don't get me wrong this old me was a really dope person but she was a scared little thang. She wanted to please people. She wanted her existence to be validated. She wanted so much more out of life yet she was terrified. She believed she didn't possess the tools to acquire what she yearned for. She believed she wasn't worthy based on the way she was treated. She felt unloved. She was me. 

Now, through all of the storms meant to drown her, she knew life was not meant to be lived scared. I know I am speaking in third person but please follow me. The she that I am speaking of is who I use to be. The person who I am no longer serving. This new me is a risk taker. I am unapologetically unapologetic. Yes I typed this twice. I worked so hard to become this person who isn't moved by opinions. Although the opinions I put on myself may need some work, the opinions that aren't mine don't matter. 

My prayer for anyone dealing with this issue is forgiving your past. My challenge for you is to begin there. Our past and the demons it holds created an illusion in our mind which now we use to filter life through. We judge, we see, we feel, based on those unhealed feelings. It's just us being human no matter how ugly it looks or how awful it feels. Jesus wants so much more for us. He wants us to know that the burdens we may have felt or are still feeling are not ours anymore. All we have to do is allow him to take the lead. He is willing to take up the mantle and allow us freedom. Freedom feels so good.

Take it one day at a time. Focus on what you want out of life and apply pressure there. It always becomes a bit difficult when you begin to shift the normalcy of who you once were. That is okay. Again, take it one day at a time. If change was easier, everyone would be a better people. Right now, we are focusing on making ourselves better versions of dopeness. Be patient. Be kind. Be bold. Please, always BE YOU!




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  • Tshe on

    I needed this reminder, thank you Rosita!

  • garnett on

    beautifully written!

  • Roxanne on

    I love this, thank you for your transparency. This is going to help me be a better version of my New Me. You are so brave sis. God bless :)

  • Tinysia on

    Wow that was so deep. We love to see it RoRo! Keep giving us blog posts every week! ❤️

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