How to build self-confidence using three easy steps!

In a world full of young women, BBL’s and facelifts, leaves the "average" girl asking themselves where do I fit in. Now these questions can plague the mind of even the most confident women. But I think the first step would be figuring out what confidence means to you personally. Now confidence isn’t always about looks. I know growing up a lot of the girls especially myself wasn’t as confident as my classmates because we didn’t wear the fanciest clothes or wore the hottest Jordans out. At that time confidence meant you wore nice things. In return it meant to me you were better than I was.

But that wasn’t true. It took me many years of self-reflection and self-realization to conclude that this was the biggest lie in the world. Yet, why hasn’t the world caught on to it? Why does it allow itself to be deceived? Lord knows I wish we lived in a society where we were judge on our heart rather then our fit but who am I kidding. The world craves status.

It becomes harder as women get older because mentally, we are still trying to hold on to our youthful feeling and our bodies, plus our mind is saying girl please (insert laugh here). But what if I told you there was a way to feel confident every day? What if I said you could apply three steps into your day and it can push your confident level up a notch? Would you believe me?

Well, even if you don’t, I will tell you anyway.

The first thing you must do before you even look at your phone is pray. Whatever that looks like for you so be it but allow yourself a moment of thankfulness and gratitude. Think about how you want the day to go, things you want see or feelings you want to feel. Feel the wind on your face through the comforts of your mind. Just be.

Second is to use bathroom time as me time. I mean really. I feel like Jesus is always in the bathroom with me. When I take a bath, brush my teeth and wash my face. It’s like the moment is so sovereign - I will explain on another post later but you get what I am trying to say. The products you use, the way it makes you feel or the smell it gives off all play a part in building confidence. Slow down. Take a moment to be present in washing your face and brushing your teeth.

When you’ve finished taking a shower, make sure to towel dry yourself with love and apply something to your skin that allows you to feel beautiful. I mean the scent just wraps around your body as if you are receiving a warm hug from someone you love. (This is the part where you try one of my body butters. Side wink!) Make sure you are taking you time with each part of your body. First the neck, then your shoulders, right down to your bosoms then continue with care until you arrive at your toes. We tend to always rush and forget this is a part of self-care. When we shift our mindset to make allowances for the feeling of, I MATTER, you will make time to slow down.

Last but certainly not least is putting on your favorite go to feel confident perfume or body mist (@earthbyroro RESET mist is everything). Whatever floats your boat. Remember it must be a scent that connects to your mind and shifts you to “THAT BITCH” mode. We forget how powerful the sense of smell is. It can shift your mood (snaps fingers) just like that! Aromatherapy has been proven to alter brain waves which can reduce the perceptiveness of stress, increase the feeling of contentment and therefore using the transference to aid in increasing your confidence.

We are in this together. I hope this helps.

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  • Tinysia on

    This blog was everything! A lot of people are striving for a level of perfection that doesn’t exist. Let’s first be happy with the vessel god provided us with and do these three easy steps! I know this will help me significantly with building up my self confidence. Thanks RoRo!

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