And so... the journey begins... EBR

Life has a funny way of showing you the truth. Regardless of what you might believe the fruit of your life shows the fruit of your heart. Today, yesterday, last month and even last year tragedies were all around us. Traumas unimaginable and so intense it could crush the most delicate soul. During this time, where did you go with the pain? What did you do?

I’ve asked myself those questions because at one point I thought I didn’t have a safe place to run or turn too. It was this vicious cycle of thoughts that reminding me of being on a Ferris wheel and not being able to get off. A rabbit hole of thoughts with no end in sight. Until there was.

Trauma, sadness, or whatever culprit taking hold and root in your life can become your greatest teacher. I do not believe we are above any of those things. How if not through pain can we appreciate the joyous wonders of life. Pain is very difficult and something we do not want to go through. When I think about the pains I suffered, I still shed a tear. Not because of how much I endured, but because of the wonderful magic it created in me. I cry for the girl who came up with nothing but the loving arms of Jesus around her. I cry for joy to know if you would’ve asked me 5 years ago would I be here right now, the answer would’ve been doubtful and full of sorrow.

I have so many words, thoughts, and things to say and never felt comfortable to just let them out into the world. I feared scrutiny and even popularity. My life purpose is to help others through words and feeling. Using what we have right now to create a safe space for our mind, body, and soul. This is what EBR is about. Made with love to promote love through loving yourself.  

I will be emboldened and write down my words to share. If it reaches just one person, I know God will say well done. Surrendering no longer means a death sentence for me. It is the rebirth of a girl who was born with no true world. Until, she created it from pain and sorrow. Thank you for reading and please stay for the journey. I hope my faith will inspire the minds of those who are the past me now.

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  • Tinysia on

    Wow… that was amazing. So inspiring to watch your journey and how far you have come. Your words are tremendously powerful and can help uplift souls that have the same story as you. You turned nothing into something just as god formed us. With god within us we will never “fail” we are constantly learning and growing. I commend you.

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