Serve. Serve is to be present to someone. An action that is voluntary or involuntary but ultimately a choice we decide to me make consciously or unconsciously. I woke up today and thought about this word. I have an event coming up and during, I am to describe “what I do”. This word came so vividly in my thoughts to the point of indefinability. I am called to SERVE. This is WHAT I DO.

My life becomes more purposeful when I live in my truth. My truth is I love to help others. I feel the old me wanted so much to serve not realizing people-pleasing doesn’t fulfill my life’s purpose. It blindly tries to fill the void.

When I started this entrepreneur journey, my need to help myself took precedent. Until it didn’t. I didn’t know at the time that this business would represent the very essence of WHO I AM. Earthbyroro was founded on the principles of healing, self-love, and togetherness. I created products to heal my skin, which in return would have me to slow down to apply, indirectly promoting self-love to myself while bringing togetherness to my mind, body and spirit.

I see the vision so clearly now. I see God in all this is. The time it takes to slow down can define the next right move. There was too much noise around me to hear my calling. I didn’t slow down because I was afraid. I was afraid to be popular. I was afraid to be rich. I was afraid of other people’s opinions. All that negative thinking was not my fault. But it will become my fault if I allow it to dictate my destiny.

As I end this simple message, I believe in the power of healing. I believe in the power of God. Through all the hiccups of life, he remains faithful and true. It is our duty, to take a pause and breathe. Look around. You see the sky? Stand. Take a breath. You felt that? Great. You are BLESSED!



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