What does the word SORROW mean to you?

Sorrow is a feeling of deep distress caused by loss or disappointment suffered by oneself or others. When I attentively listen and feel this word, a lot of emotions start to come up. So, I asked myself two questions. The first, who has committed sorrow against me? The second, what sorrow have I committed against myself? These two questions were so deep that I literally had to take a moment to pause.

I thought about all the things people have done to me. I thought about all the undeserved pain I received and went through. I thought about all the situations I didn't want to think about yet realizing there is healing in this process. I began to think about the harm I've caused myself. From staying in a relationship when it was time to go or enabling poor behavior in fear of being abandoned. So many fears and sorrow kept me pinned. 

It was so easy for people to tell me what I should do but no one took the time to show me how. Sorrow is deeply rooted into our self-conscience. It has free room to roam because there is where your underlying beliefs are stored. This is where we find out how we truly feel about ourselves and others. Jen Sincero states in the book " YOU are a BADASS", our subconscious mind is all about feelings and instincts. It believes everything because it doesn't have a filter. Our subconscious mind doesn't know the difference between was untrue or true.

So, when thinking about this, how much sorrow have we stored in our subconscious since our childhood? I can speak for myself and say plenty. Those conditions shaped my heart growing up to believe sorrow was my destiny. Until we sit in those uncomfortable moments and honor them, we will continue to live in this vicious cycle of mental self-harm. 

My challenge for you to bring awareness to those moments is to allow yourself room to feel. Then love yourself anyway. 




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  • Jennifer Freeman on

    My beautiful beloved daughter you are such an inspiration and I’m so proud of you keep doing what you are doing and God’s blessings to you I’m happy that the body butter is back placing my order now

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