#teamroro What is your definition of Faith? How is Faith showing up in your life? Great questions huh?

I can answer these questions for you from my perspective & you can answer them in a note pad from yours.

This word plays a big part in my life. Several years ago, I didn’t understand what having Faith truly meant. I thought, maybe just asking God for something and praying he answers is Faith. What I realized now is I had it all wrong.

Faith for me is being able to make a decision & knowing no matter what, everything will work out for my good. Sometimes I would get so caught up in the unknown. This was debilitating. Not knowing what results a decision I made would bring. It was hard to let go & let god work his magic. Now this brings me to the word CONTROL. Subconsciously we want total control. It allows us to feel safe because we are aware of the next steps. We have an idea of what will and will not happen. What this does is take God out of the equation.

Faith the size of a mustard seed can move a mountain. I know you’ve heard that saying for years. Now think about it… What does this mean to you?  

Believe it and it’s yours! This is Faith. Honoring God with thanksgiving knowing what you’ve asked for will be honored. This is Faith. Letting yourself walk on water knowing you will not be forsaken or left to drown. This is Faith. 

Faith has numerous meanings & can be different from each individual who decides to answer this question to themselves. One thing is for sure, Faith is the unknown. You cannot trust Faith to work for you, if you don’t apply yourself or walk in the spirit of knowing you already have whatever it is you’ve asked for. We cannot say to ourselves “I have Faith I will be a Doctor” but then never go to school or take the steps to accomplish this goal. We stand in our own way!

Let us make the decision each and everyday to step out on Faith




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