Uncertainty! 😇

Hey #teamroro! Long time no "write"... I miss you all and I am back with another post about what's on my mind..

I am currently reading this book by Gary John Bishop call "UN#@%! Yourself". I am telling you, this book has opened my eyes to some stuff.

The word UNCERTAINTY has been deeply stained in my brained after reading Chapter 5. When you think of this word, how do you feel? Be honest! Are you nervous about the unknown, your next move or even the result of a move you've already made?

I will tell you this, I am you & you are me. The control to know and be comfortable kept me trapped for years. I was scared to take a risk because I couldn't truly predict the outcome. This was definitely a hard pill to swallow. But, I own it! I was afraid of not being in control. We all get like this more ways than one. So I didn't leap until NOW!!

UNCERTAINTY is inevitable. Sometimes we have to be uncertain to continue on our unique path to success. What I realized about myself is when I was certain about something, it became a routine. In return, I became bored very quickly. Now being a full time entrepreneur has shown me that on the other side of UNCERTAINTY laid a blessing. This will always be new to me and continue to show me things I've never seen before. It will continue to elevate me and allow me to grow to create the freedom I never thought I would have.

After reading this book, it helped me to become less afraid of the world. It opened my mind to something deeper than just the mere thought of "oh she scared". I tapped into something extraordinary. I tapped into the new me!

Are you ready to join me?






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